Bearsus is an action game where you play as a brawler bear going against other bears in various fighting arenas. Fight with ease thanks to the classic, unbearably simple two-button control scheme! Choose from 8 playable wrestling bears with mix-and-matching moves, so you can come up with your own unique style. Sharpen your claws and jump into the Arcade Mode where you play against 5 grizzly bears and unlock new fighters and color pawlettes. You can also play against a furrend in the 2-Player Mode. If you want an even bigger challenge, you can also try Endless Mode where your health carries over from the previous round. Are you strong enough to become the champion of the forest using your bear hands?

How to play Bearsus?

  • Move & Jump – A/D (or Left/Right arrow keys)
  • Attack 1 – A, A (or Left, Left)
  • Attack 2 – D, D (or Right, Right)
  • Double Jump 1 – A, D (or Left, Right)
  • Double Jump 2 – D, A (or Right, Left)
  • Attack 3 – (While double-jumping) A (or Left)
  • Attack 3 – (While double-jumping) D (or Right)

Who created Bearsus?

Bearsus is developed by ARF Games in 2022. This is their first game on

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