Smash Karts Unblocked

Smash Karts offers explosive 3D multiplayer karting action! This adrenaline-fueled combat racing game pits you against friends in a high-octane battle royale. In Smash Karts, collect wild power-ups like bullets, grenades, and rockets to blast rivals off the track. Customize your kart in Smash Karts, then speed, drift, and unleash turbo-charged chaos!

Level up in Smash Karts to unlock wacky new characters and prizes. Will you survive the ultimate Mario Kart-esque mayhem with awesome weapons and insane physics-driven gameplay in Smash Karts? Fire your engines and prepare for turbo-boosted destruction on crazy 3D courses in Smash Karts!

In Smash Karts, engage in intense online multiplayer racing battles. Smash crates for overpowered arms to annihilate the competition in Smash Karts. Crazy karting combat awaits daring drivers in Smash Karts! Unlock that Need for Speed in this action-packed free browser game, Smash Karts.

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