Stacktris is an exciting arcade game that challenges players to stack and balance tetromino blocks without toppling them over. This game combines the classic tetris gameplay with the thrill of tower stacking games, putting your balancing skills to the test. The blocks spin faster and faster, and it’s up to you to stop their spin by tapping on them and repositioning them above the platform before releasing them to drop. Be careful, though! If even one block falls, the game is over.

Although it may sound difficult, Stacktris offers hints and upgrades that can be purchased with the coins you’ve collected to make the game easier. These upgrades include power-ups like Slow Spin, High Friction, Coin Magnet, Low Bounce, Coin Chance, Wide Table, and Next Block. With a little patience and practice, Stacktris can be an enjoyable experience that you’ll want to share with your friends. Prove your skills and build the tallest Tetromino Tower!

How high can you stack the different blocks?


  • Slow Spin – the initial amount of rotation. Decreases for each upgrade, but note that it will speed up back to its maximum rotation.
  • High Friction – less amount of slide.
  • Coin Magnet – increase the radius of coin’s attraction to tetrominoes.
  • Low Bounce
  • Coin Chance – increase the probability of producing coins every turn.
  • Wide Table – the default width of the table is 5, and increases by 1 for each upgrade.
  • Next Block – shows the tetrominoes that will be used for the first amount of turns.

This game is made by Martin Magni. One of many mini-games on the fancade app.


Stacktris (Fancade) is developed by Fancade.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Stop tetrominoes – Left mouse click
  • Move tetrominoes – A / D or Left / Right arrow keys
  • Drop tetrominoes – Release left mouse click
  • Menu – ESC
  • Pause – Enter / Return

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