The Spear Stickman is an exciting shooting game. Your mission is to control a stickman armed with a spear to kill as many opponents as possible.

In this game, your objective is to shoot down as many enemies as possible. Your rivals can stand on platforms which are higher or lower than your position. Therefore, you need to adjust the angle of your shot accurately to defeat your opponents with as less shots as possible. One tip for you is to aim at your rival’s head to kill them in one shot. Be careful! Your enemies also attack you constantly, hence you have to eliminate them before they do that with you. Moreover, the number of enemies will increase as the game progresses. You need to get ready to confront more powerful enemies. Don’t forget to destroy an apple on their head If you can kill one opponent, you will score one point. The more opponents you can defeat, the higher score you can get. Try your best to gain the highest possible score. Moreover, you can claim a lot of coins after killing enemies. Especially, if you can take a headshot, you will claim 4 coins.  Do your best to earn as many coins as possible.

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